Begin with SC600 EVB

hello team,
I have bought a Smart EVB-Kit and an TE-A (SC600Y). I also had an SDK account on Smart FTP from Quectel. and I have the following problems:

  1. My computer (windows) doesn’t see the android phone item as well Modems item in the device manager. pls let me know how to can install ABD driver?
  2. the documents in USB drive (come along with EVB kit) and on my Smart FTP don’t find things such as android user guide, application development guide … pls send me more docs

thank you

Hi ntrmax,

you can use this adb&fastboot tools

and that has read me.txt file in it, you can follow it. then reboot your windows PC to try again.

hi abby.wu
Readme file is this, isn’t it? I did it already. but have not yet affected. pls help me

btw, let me known about the other documents for the developer. eg: how to perform cross-compile an C source code in user space:

thank you so much

Dear customer:
you can put this dir to any path, you only need add the path to the environment variable.

if you want to compile C code, you can use
you also can use follow comand to buid C code:
linux-gcc Ccode.c -o Ccodeoutput -static

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dear Jax.zhang
pl help me, I am facing a problem when I try to download Google standard Android SDK

the host machine is ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
best regards

Dear customer,

you can contact our local fae to help you apply a git account to download code directly, in most of time, due to the internet limit, it maybe meet error when download google standard sdk.

In other side, if you have different issues type, you can raise different title, it can avoids confusion and information missing :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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