Beaglebone black to connected to QUECTEL EC20 module through USB

I am working on Quectel ec20 module and beaglebone black AM335x processor and need them to connect through USB communication on Windows host. The bbb has TI-RTOS SDK in it with CODE COMPOSER STUDIO IDE. so I dont know how to write C code to send and receive data using AT commands. Do help me out.
I am beginner in C and baeglebone

any basic code or steps are welcomed.

Thanks n advance

Have you installed the driver?
Can you see the virtual serial port in the device manager?

Be familiar with the AT commands purpose first.
I don’t know what the CODE COMPOSER STUDIO IDE is like, but I think it will provide you C API to access the serial port.
You need to realize that every AT command has to end with an “\r\n”.

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yes i have installed the usb driver and can view the three ports that supports(AT, DM, NMEA) (communication via USB Interface)

code compose studio is where i write my c code


Basically the baeglebone should be connected with quectel module through USB, and i need a C SCRIPT( C program with AT Commands) to send and receive data which is compatible with SDK TI-RTOS format.

c codes are available in net but having doubt whether it will run or not code composer studio.

I am not using linux based usb driver. i have windows based USB driver

instead of using q-com tool from quectel. i need in a c program

It’s better to ask for help in the TI forums. There might be some serial programming code demos that could helps you.

C style program can refer to the Python style

python - pySerial reading data from AT commands - Stack Overflow