BC95-G returns Error 513 when sending CoAP messages

Hi everyone,

We have a CoAP communication problem with the BC95-G:

Firmware Version:


Setting up the Server (with AT+NCDP) and activating the indicator (+NSMI) just works fine but when it comes to sending messages with +MNGS we get the Error code 513 which means “TUP not registered”.
We used tcpdump to display our server and got the following information:

As you can see there is an input but we wonder about the “lwm2m” because we couldn’t see something like this for other devices.

The strange thing is that a colleague is 100% sure that he successfully communicated with the same device some months ago but at the moment we have this problem with all our BC95-G devices.

We would be very grateful if someone could help us with this problem.

Hi Everyone
Error 513 Reason: The platform did not register successfully.
What platform are you accessing?

Some years ago, we had to replace OceanConnect server by OpenSource implementation. Our CoAP stack is based on Californium version 1.n. Our solution works identical to the Huawei flavor of OceanConnect implemenation. With this one we are happe since a long time. For any reason the new Quectel BC95-G which we received doesn’t work. From our experiance the Quectel devices never tried to register with “lwm2m”. Do you know how we can get it away? Do have we have maybe a problem with the firmware version?

Hi Esteinbr
A long time ago, the HI2110 module supported the COAP protocol for docking with the OceanConnect platform. Later, because OceanConnect was transferred to the China Telecom OC platform, it has not been maintained, and the module and China Telecom OC platform have been upgraded to LWM2M protocol docking.
In order to streamline the memory, the BC95G does not support the COAP protocol of the previous OceanConnect platform.
You can contact the OceanConnect platform, which only supports docking with the BC95G module in V1.5 and above.