BC95-G no connection

I am trying to evaluate the BC-G module but I am not able to get the module connected to a cell.

I am able to readout the IMSI of the SIM card by using the AT+CIMI command. Autoconnect is enabled and the UE is powered on but the module does not seem to receive any signal (see output of AT+NUESTATS=RADIO).

Do I need to send any other command to manually activate the radio of the module so that the NUESTAT command outputs valid signal information?

Hardware setup:

  • MIKROE 3294 NB IOT CLICK breakout board with BC95-G modem
  • LTE NB-IoT antenna
  • SIM4IOT LTE NB-IoT capable sim card with national/international roaming

Output of ATI:
[11:27:01:140] Quectel␍␊
[11:27:01:140] BC95-G␍␊
[11:27:01:156] Revision:BC95GJBR01A07␍␊

Output of AT+NCONFIG?:
[11:14:55:823] +NCONFIG:CR_0354_0338_SCRAMBLING,TRUE␍␊
[11:14:55:871] +NCONFIG:CR_0859_SI_AVOID,TRUE␍␊
[11:14:55:967] +NCONFIG:ENABLE_BIP,FALSE␍␊
[11:14:55:999] +NCONFIG:MULTITONE,TRUE␍␊
[11:14:56:112] +NCONFIG:RELEASE_VERSION,13␍␊
[11:14:56:128] +NCONFIG:RPM,FALSE␍␊
[11:14:56:160] +NCONFIG:SYNC_TIME_PERIOD,0␍␊
[11:14:56:192] +NCONFIG:IPV6_GET_PREFIX_TIME,15␍␊
[11:14:56:224] +NCONFIG:NB_CATEGORY,1␍␊
[11:14:56:240] +NCONFIG:RAI,FALSE␍␊
[11:14:56:304] +NCONFIG:RLF_UPDATE,FALSE␍␊
[11:14:56:368] +NCONFIG:PCO_IE_TYPE,EPCO␍␊

Output of AT+CFUN?:
[11:25:28:659] +CFUN:1␍␊

Output of AT+NBAND?
[11:30:00:687] +NBAND:5,8,3,28,20,1␍␊

[11:26:03:760] NUESTATS:RADIO,Signal power:-32768␍␊
[11:26:03:792] NUESTATS:RADIO,Total power:-32768␍␊
[11:26:03:840] NUESTATS:RADIO,TX power:-32768␍␊
[11:26:03:872] NUESTATS:RADIO,TX time:0␍␊
[11:26:03:904] NUESTATS:RADIO,RX time:30322␍␊
[11:26:03:936] NUESTATS:RADIO,Cell ID:4294967295␍␊
[11:26:03:968] NUESTATS:RADIO,ECL:255␍␊
[11:26:04:001] NUESTATS:RADIO,SNR:-32768␍␊
[11:26:04:033] NUESTATS:RADIO,EARFCN:4294967295␍␊
[11:26:04:065] NUESTATS:RADIO,PCI:65535␍␊
[11:26:04:097] NUESTATS:RADIO,RSRQ:-32768␍␊
[11:26:04:161] NUESTATS:RADIO,CURRENT BAND:255␍␊

Hi Pbolte
No available NB network was found on site.

Hi! I also have the same problem. Last time, I can find a cell tower because I tested it in a different location. Today, I tested it again on a different location but the NUESTATS is showing the same results as Pbolte. Does this mean that there is only a specific places where NB network is supported?