BC95-g module error in QMTCLOSE

Dear all,
I am facing an issue with my BC95-g module:

I am trying to connect the module with ThingSpeak in order to publish some messages. After correctly publishing a message I write the AT+QMTDISC= command and get +QMTDISC: 0,0 correctly. Right after, I try to close the network. However, when it comes to AT+QMTCLOSE=, I always get +CME ERROR: 50. As tcpconnectID is always 0, I don’t know where the error comes from.

Thanks in advanced

AT+QMTDISC= and AT+QMTCLOSE= are equivalent. You just have to do one

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Thank you for your answer. I am also having trouble with the command AT+QMTOPEN=, <“host_name”>, . Sometimes I get
+QMTOPEN: 0,0,0
correclty, sometimes I only get
and a few times I get no response at all. I wait for 100 seconds to recieve any response, so it should not be a problem due to short delay. I cannot find a reason for this issue.

Thank you!

Hostname using domain name?
If you use domain names, I recommend you configure DNS


Thank you for your answer. I am using domain name but I already had DNS configured. I think may be a problem of the SIM card instead of the module.
Thanks anyways!