BC95-G manually psm mode

I have a BC95-g modem. I manage it with an stm32 and I’d like to manage the modem’s psm mode with that.
Can I send the modem to sleep manually with at commands and after wakeup as well?
My idea is to manage time with stm32 and don’t use psm mode timing.
Thank you for all help!

Our module PSM status is generally turned on by default, you can use AT+CPSMS?If you use STM32 to control the state of PSM, it should also be through the STM32 program to call AT+CPSMS instruction to control the module, so,programmatically can be achieved.

Hi @herbert.pan-Q,
Thank you for helping! I tried it and after sending a UDP message I got the +NPSMR:1 message. So that’s good!
My problem is this message arrives after 10-30sec. So after exit the PSM mode the module works too much. Can I reduce this latancy for sent sleep faster?




You can set it as follows:

AT+CPSMS=1,“01000001”,“00100001” //T3324timer set to 1 min.

You can also refer to the At Command parameter configuration in the screenshot


Can I set this value to zero? So I send a UDP message and after I need to send the module to sleep as quickly as possible. The 1 minute is too much in power on mode for me.

After you send the data, according to the 3 GPP protocol from the connection state to the idle state exists inactivity timer 20 seconds (default), that is to say, after the inactivity timer timeout terminal from the connection state to the idle state, the idle state (DRX OR eDRX) to the state of the PSM interval is determined by radio network side, actually if you close the eDRX,Modules are converted to DRX by default,So there is no configuration way to move to PSM state immediately!

Thank you for your help! I’ll do it according to your instructions.

Hi @herbert.pan-Q ,

Thank you for all these details.

I was wondering who can set the value of DRX. Does the module can set the value of DRX ?

DRX is determined by the radio network. T3324 is the DRX timer, which is also related to the APN (SIM card). You do not need to configure this timer,The radio network can send timers of different lengths to UE according to different APNs.

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