BC95-G connecting problem

I am totally a beginner in LPWA development.

When I was trying to connect BC95-G to the Softbank NB-IoT network(Located in Japan),
there comes a problem, I need to configure APN, user-id and password for the connecting.
But there is no way to set user-id and password by using AT+CGDCONT

It seems that I should use AT+QICSGP to configure the user-id and pwd.

But, after I check the AT command manual of BC95-G
AT+QCICSGP wasn’t included in the

So, would it be legal to use this AT command for BC95-G?

And, I realized there is an manual “BG96 TCP/IP AT Commands Manual” giving such guidelines for BG96. Is there similar manual for BC95-G?

Thank you

You can try to execute this AT command. If you can, your modem supports this AT command; otherwise, it does not.
Quectel_BG95&BG77_TCP(IP)_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (704.3 KB)

Thank you for answer, we will have a try.
And I realized there is an Quectel_BC95-G&BC68_AT_Commands_Manual_for_SoftBank_V1.0.pdf
especially for Softbank Users.

But, unfortunately, I couldn’t download this manual due to some unknown network issue, could you kindly upload it for me?

Could you please provide a valid email address? I will send the document to you by email!


Thank you so much

I have sent it, please note that check

Thank you so much, files received and could you also kindly send me this manual?



I am very sorry that I cannot find this document in our database;If you need the document in the link above, I suggest you register a personal account and download it, because I can’t download this document either.

OK, we will have a try, many thanks for your supporting,
Have a nice day.