BC95-G CFUN returns 0

I received the BC95-G and am trying to make it work.
However, i notice that the command AT+CFUN? returns 0
If i send AT+CFUN=1 the module responds after 2s with
+CME ERROR: 4 Operation Not supported

not supported??

any suggestion as to where should i start looking for a solution?


Have you inserted a valid sim card ?
What returns if enter the AT cmds “AT+CPIN?”
If a valid sim card already in , maybe the RF related data has lost.

Hi Vincent
The response to cmd AT+CPIN? is “+CME ERROR:524”

The SIM is supposedly for a network type “NB-IoT band 28”.
I do NOT know if the SIM is damaged or not as i don’t know how to test the actual SIM (but its a brand new SIM).
i did insert the SIM into a std smartphone & i could send an SMS…but i’m not sure if that proves anything.

The version on the BC95-G is Revision:BC95GJBR01A07…is that OK?


set AT+CMEE=2 first ,and you’ll get an text description of the error.

AT+CPIN? is “+CME ERROR:524” indicates the SIM card status abormal.

Hi Vincent
The module does not like at+cmee=2
The response to at+cmee=? is +CMEE:(0,1)

do i need to update the firmware in my module?


I’ve found that
err code 524 means UE is in minimal function mode (AT+CFUN=0) .

You can try another SIM card .if it doesn’t work , I am afraid you have to upgrade factory firmware.

Hi Vincent
i dont have another SIM & i dont mind upgrading firmware.
Where do i get factory firmware from?


Have you ever upgraded the firmware?
Anyone gave you this version BC95GJBR01A07?
Please take photo of the BC95 , the FAEs can get the hardware version of your BC95G module, and then he can determine which version should be ok.
Please send email to support@quectel,com.

Hi Vincent
The ver BC95GJBR01A07 was on the module when i purchased from mikroe.
They also suggested i should perform upgrade.

but no, never done a upgrade before.

Dear moose,

AT+CFUN always return 0 and cannot change it by AT+CFUN=1. Mostly because the owner upgraded it with a different base line firmware version.

  1. Try to restore the cefs by AT+QPRTPARA=3, check whether it works .
  2. If not, I think you should upgrade the firmware.
    Take photo of the module , told the support@quectel.com that you need factory firmware version to reflash your module. And the current version is BC95GJBR01A07.

Hi Vincent
AT+qprtpara is a BG96 cmd, is it supposed to work on a BC95-G??

in any event, my module reports an error 50 if i use that cmd.
(i have already contacted support & awaiting their response)


Hi Vincent
I upgraded the firmware supplied by Quectel…AT+CFUN=1 STILL RETURNS ERROR 4
Now what??

i tried AT+QPRTPARA=? AT+QPRTPARA? AT+QPRTPARA=3 all cmds returned ERROR:50
So does that mean the firmware Quectel sent me is invalid??


AT+QPRTPARA=3 is used for backup the parameters of RF related.
AT+CFUN=1 STILL RETURNS ERROR 4 — > Operation not supported。
The support@quectel.com didn’t gave you the firmware what you need. You have to tell them AT+CFUN always returned 0 and AT+CFUN=1 returned error.