BC95-G and LwM2M and CoAP

Hello there,

I am a beginner at working with NB-IoT. I have a Quectel BC95-G and I want to use LwM2M and CoAP AT Commands to communicate with the Leshan server.
I have some major problems that I have not found on the Internet:

First of all, when sending data to an LwM2M server, the content-format must be: “application/vnd.oma.lwm2m+tlv” which is not assigned to a code (like “application/link-format” which is assigned to 40) in the BC95-G CoAP AT Commands Application Note. As I search, I found that “application/vnd.oma.lwm2m+tlv” has a code which is 11542, but when I use it in AT+QCOAPOPTION to create a CoAP Message based on that, I get an ERROR.
So, how should I create my CoAP packet to send data to the LwM2M server?

Thank you all. I am waiting for your response.

Hi Aniita
Please also grab the UEmonitor log at the bottom of the module, we need to look at the underlying protocol that interacts with the server.

Thank you for your reply. Where can I download the UEmonitor?

Hi Aniita