BC95-G and Leshan Server

Hello all,

I am a beginner in NB-IoT and working with BC95-G. I want to have some interactions with Leshan Server, using AT Commands and QCOM Tester to send them through the server. I successfully registered to the server, but I cannot send any CoAP Messages to it. For example, I wanted to add a resource by AT+QCOAPADDRES and see it in the server, but the server did not get any messages.

Is there anybody here who has worked with Leshan? I do not know what AT Command I should use to “send” and “receive” data from the server.

my firmware revision is: BC95GJBR01A05

Thank you all!

Hi Aniita
The Leshan server module supports docking, and the module also supports the COAP protocol. Please also configure it according to our documentation.