BC95-B20/Upgrading the firmware

I’m working on a very urgent project using the Sixfab Raspberry Pi NB-IoT Shield with Quectel BC95-B20 module
I want to upgrade the module firmware using the AT+NFWUPD=1 but I get the following response:
(+CME ERROR: 50) # ERRORR:50 refers to Incorrect parameters
How can I upgrade the firmware?
Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks!

Are you planning to upgrade the firmware version?
Please use Qflash

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@herbert.pan-Q Thank you for your reply. Yes I am planning to upgrade the firmware version.
Can you please share with me the link for downloading the firmware upgrade tool Qflash and Qflash user guide?
And would you please tell me where can I find the firmware update package for BC95-B20
The current firmware revision of my module is: BC95B20HBR01A02W16.

I have sent you the latest firmware by email. Please download QFLASH.
To upgrade through the main serial port, you need to reset the module after clicking START