BC95 and leshan

Hello everybody,
I’m using the BC95-G LWM2M AT command. After registering in the Leshan sever, how can I define new object such as 3309 for example for pressure?
When I send with AT+QLWULDATA such AT+QLWULDATA=3,AA34BB which object is updated or …?
how can I define my object?

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hi, Leila_Ghanbari:
The 3309 objects you plan to define are not included in the Smartobject of the IPSO Consortium specification, so you will refer to Leshan’s definition of its LWM2M specification and its SDK for your definition objects. If you want to use defined objects, I recommend you refer to the IPSO Smartobject guide!
IPSO-Smart-Objects-Starter-Pack.pdf (520.5 KB)

Thanks for your reply. If I want to update such example Object ID 3200, how should I use the AT+QLWULDATA or AT+QLWULDATA ?

In the other words, how should I identify the object ID, resource and …? Should I send hexadecimal of for example “3200/0/5500 = 1”?

hi, Leila_Ghanbari:
Please refer to our guidance manual, if the problem is not solved, we will continue to communicate。
Quectel_BC66&BC66-NA_LwM2M_Application_Note_V2.1.pdf (1.4 MB)