BC95-8B upgraded to BC95-G. Power consumption increased? 0,6mA in PSM

I have recently switched out my BC95-8B to the BC95-G. Since the BC95-8B is not supported anymore.

The previous BC95-8B consumed about 4uA in PSM.

The current BC95-G is consuming about 600 uA or 0,6mA in PSM. Did I setup this module incorrectly?
The steps I have done are:

And the following to activate PSM.
AT+CPSMS=1,11111111,11111111 (3 commas after the number 1)

After noticing the 0,6mA power consumption I have done the following:
AT+CIMI This returns the correct number.
AT+ NPIN= 3 This says Error, Pin is disabled.
AT+NPSMR = 1 to check if the module actually goes into PSM.
Checked all 3 of them, they all return positive results.

AT+CSQ returns 14,9

I am using firmware: BC95GJBR01A05

Hi Shinkay1
After executing AT+NPSMR=1, wait for the module to register to the network successfully, and report β€œ+NPSMR:1” to indicate that the module enters PSM mode. At this time, the current consumption will be about 4ua.

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I am receiving a +NPSMR:1 message. But the current consumption is still 0.6mA instead of 0.04mA.

I am using Dragino’s Quectel BC95-G module. With the Power, ground, tx and rx pin connected to a Pro mini microcontroller.

I have bought a couple more BC95-G modules with newer firmware(A07), but they all seem to have the same problem. The older module BC95-8B works fine.