BC92 module new firmware and tools request

The firmware version on the BC920TE-B kit’s Quectel module (planned to use for prototyping) is BC92RBR01A05
Revision: BC92RBR01A05

Could you, please, provide the latest firmware for the BC92 module with the tools to flash it?
Also, I am interested in the latest versions of the docs and monitoring/debug tool software, concerning BC92. Particularly, maybe some examples, of how to use it for the LwM2M communications.

Quectel_Coolwatcher操作指导与参考(CN&EN)_BC25&BC32&BC65&BC92&BC95B5R&BC35GR.pdf (1.4 MB)

I have sent them to your email,pls chk

Thank you very much. Do you have a doc and/or examples of how to use the BC92 for the LwM2M? And how to realize DFOTA?

Quectel_BC65&BC92_CoAP_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (275.2 KB)
Quectel_BC65&BC92_DFOTA_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (247.1 KB)

Not support LwM2M protocol

Hi! Thanks for sharing the docs. Concerning the LwM2M on BC92, do you have some examples of host realization of the LwM2M above the CoAP, which is supported by BC92?

Sorry, I don’t have an example, you need to know how to encapsulate data, right