BC68 - official firmware download?


what is the intended official way, to get a new firmware image for e.g. a BC68?
Reading this forum it seems, that this done on request base using shares.
Is there also a official webpage to download firmware images?

(Currently my BC68 from 2018 reports “Revision:BC68JAR01A05”)

Best regards

Dear Achimkraus,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forums.
For released firmware, you can contact our local FAE to get it. It is the official way to get it. Sorry that we have no official webpage to released firmware now. Thanks!
If you do not know how to contact our local FAE, you can send email to support@quectel.com, then we will assign the local FAE to support you. Thanks!

Thanks, I will contact them.

Hallo Achim,

aktuell ist IMHO die A10. In Deutschland ist Tekmodul aus München ein passender Ansprechpartner. Man findet die Firmware aber auch sonst im Netz. Beim Update prüft das Modul bzw. QFlash ob die Prüfsummen stimmen und die Hardware passt.

Viele liebe Grüße!

Hallo Andreas,

Danke! Tekmodul habe ich schon eine e-Mail geschickt.
Im Netz habe ich die Firmware aber nicht entdecken können.
Mit “BC68JAR01A10” landet man hier im Forum :-).


I bought an BC68 from Tekmodul last week.
The ATI command reports: BC68JAR02A02

Does anybody know if this a newer firmware as the BC68JAR01A10?
Please note that one has JAR02 and the other one JAR01.

Dear Iorenz,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Yes, BC68JAR02A02 is newer than BC68JAR01A10. They are different software baseline, you can not upgrade the firmware from BC68JAR01A10 to BC68JAR02A02 directly. Thanks!

Dear Kyson,
thanks for the answer.
Could you elaborate on why I cannot upgrade the firmware from BC68JAR01A10 to BC68JAR02A02? Does it mean that the BC68JAR01A10 will not be able to get any future software updates?

Also, is there a release log so I can see what has changed between the firmwares?

Kind Regards,

Dear Iorenz,
The reason why is can not upgrade from BC68JAR01A10 to BC68JAR02A02 is because they are different software baseline, the software are not compatible.
If you want to see the changes between different firmware, it is better to check the release note of the firmware, which inside the firmware package. If you need it, please email to support@quectel.com to get it. Thanks!


according to our current knowledge an upgrade across the different baseline firmware versions 300 (Quectel FW R01Axx) and 500 (R02Axx) may lead to reduced performance or unstable functionality of the module. This seems to depend on some calibration params…
We are currently testing this in our lab, but the recommendation is clear: Such a procedure is nothing you should do to modules in real world applications.

Recommended procedure is to order BC68 modules with R02Axx (NB2 capable) firmware. Updates (even via FOTA) within a baseline firmware is then again no problem.

Best regards,
Lars (tekmodul)

Yes, correct. Can not upgrade the firmware from B300 to B500 directly. They are different software baseline. Thanks!

Hello Kyson,
past February Quectel italian support provides me BC68JAR02A02 firmware as an update for my BC68 modules (with BC68JAR01A10 from factory) in order to solve some CoAP issues.
Italian support didn’t spoke about any kind of firmware incompatibility.
I upgraded all my modules using QFlash 4.15 tools, and really my CoAP issues are solved now.
Now, just casually, I read this thread and I discovered that my modules (in trials on some customers) may be affected in performance and stability.
What it means? How I can manage this?
I cannot downgrade BC68 modules to BC68JAR01A10 firmware, because some CoAP issues affects my application.
Can you suggest me a good solution?
Can you better explain which issues I can meet after upgrading my BC68 modules (factory equipped with BC68JAR01A10) to BC68JAR02A02 firmware?

Thanks for your time

Dear Paolo,
R02 firmware and R01 firmware are based on different baseline versions and there are differences in KV configuration. Upgrading across baselines may result in module not stable.So we do not recommend customer to upgrading from R01 firmware to R02 firmware.
If you want to get more information, it is better to ask our local FAE to check it. Thanks!