BC68 network selection failure with Vodafone GDSP SIM


I’m working with BC68 with firmware BC68JAR02A02.
Using Vodafone GDSP SIM (MCC + MNC 901 28) the module isn’t able to find Vodafone Italy (MCC+MNC 222 10) using automatic network selection by commands AT+CGATT=1 or AT+COPS=0.
After such commands network signal is never detected (AT+CSQ always return 99,99)

Starting manual network search/attach using Vodafone Italy MCC+MNC by AT+COPS=1,“22210” I can successfully obtain network signal level and registration/data flow.

Is the BC68 firmware able to handle automatic network search/attach using SIM with worldwide shared mobile codes like 901 28 assigned to Vodafone GDSP? (see https://www.itu.int/net/ITU-T/inrdb/e212_901.aspx )

Hi Paolo
The module first searches the network according to the SIM card PLMN. If the SIM card PLMN does not search the network, the module will search according to the band order.
When AT+COPS=0, the module automatically searches for 10 minutes to check the network access status.