BC68 NBIOT module

We have already developed BC68 based design. what are the various ways to latch to specific service provider during export to various countries.

Hi Yogeshk

You can lock PLMN into the network by AT+COPS command.However, it is not recommended to use in this way. If the fixed operator changes the PLMN after the carrier in this country, the module will not be able to access the network.

No matter which country the module is in, which operator will automatically select PLMN according to the SIM card as long as the band supports.

Dear Abner,
thanks but question is still ON…what is the best way to ensure our device locks successfully with other service provider with no changes in the firmware. for your information, device powers up once in a day…means modem boots up every day.

Hi Yogeshk

Then I suggest you lock PLMN and use AT+COPS