BC68 MQTT issues

Hello everyone,
I am having a bit of an issue with MQTT on my BC68 TE-B module. Connection and everything works as it should and I can even subscribe to the topic of my friend and unsubscribe from it. But when i want to publish something I am having the issue that I can not publish anything or atleast I do not know how. I have gone through the manual but did not really manage to make it work. What am I missing? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I recommend debugging and validation by the MQtt.fx tool.

Hello Herbert,
My issue is that when I execute command AT+QMTPUB I don’t get the “>” mode and I can not execute any other commands. Am I doing something wrong? I will try to debug it for you and will let you know.

Please upload the serial port log, thank you

Hello Herbert,
This is the log file when I am trying to execute AT+QMTPUB
TEMP__Thu_1016__COM4___637825042068912839.zip (715.4 KB)

LOG shows that the problem is a formatting error


Please try again above AT command

Hello Herbert,
Thank you very much. Will try. By the way what do you mean by the xx at the end of the command? Can I directly send the message there or what do they mean?

XX represents the length of the string of content you are about to publish

TEMP__Mon_1038__COM4___637828511237829664.zip (668.5 KB)
Hello Herbert,
I have tried it with or without the slashes but still it feels like the module freezes when I try to execute AT+QMTPUB. Feels like I am unable to publish anything.