BC68 GPS AT commands not working

Good day,
I am working on the development of a gps locator board. I know such products exist, I’m just trying to improve some things I didn’t like about the finished products. I designed a prototype with which I communicate via a serial line using a usb-uart converter. When I send the command at+gps I just get an error. I’ve tried different commands regarding gps, but the module always responds with an error. I thought I might have an old version of the firmware, but I read that my BC68GVBAR02A02 version is the latest.
The board also doesn’t want to connect to the network, the diode keeps flashing in the network search mode, but I haven’t dealt with that yet, I suppose I should get some answer to the at command regarding gps. Other commands regarding the quality of the network and the like work, they just respond to, for example, 1 as the module is not connected to the network. I designed the board exactly according to the recommended schemes, the sim card is connected, when I enter the command I get the sim number. I don’t know if there is a problem with the antenna, for example, I omitted the pi circuit, simply connected the gsm antenna to the pin of the module. Anyone have a solution? Thank you very much.

BC68GV not support GPS

Thank you, then it is my fault, I should have learnt more information about it. I just trusted ChatGPT that it supports GPS and automatically designed a prototype board. I couldn’t find much information anywhere, so I believed it to be true, designed the board and wanted to deal with the software later.