BC68 beginning issue

I’m starting with NB-IoT BC68 module, I used older sample of BC68 with origin FW 01A07, updated by QFlash_V4.16 to

When I’m trying to connect to the Narrow Band network I use
and then I see forever answer on AT+CEREG?
It means “Not registered, but UE is currently trying to attach or searching an operator to register to”
Network registration is not success. I’d like to see more information what happens, and expect that some interesting information should be available through Debug port. HW connected, and documentation refers to software called “UEMonitor”, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  • what to use for debug port information showing?
  • is there some AT command like AT&F (Set all Current Parameters to Manufacturer Defaults)?
  • is some reason to use modules with newer FW version BC68JAR02A02A and if is update possible?

Sorry for much questions together, but I’m at the beginnig :slight_smile:



you need SIM card with NB-IoT APN
or poor signal or antenna quality…

Yes, I know. I have two different SIM cards dedicated to Narrow Band network, signal could be available.
The first is from Deutsche Telecom - described issue before.

The second SIM is Vodafone Global. Vodafone have different behavior
on AT command AT+CFUN=1 (send as first AT command) in three seconds BC68 responses ERROR, when used AT+CMEE=1, then response is +CME ERROR: 4, by documentation it means Operation not supported.
That is why I’d like to see information on Debug serial line, hope that there can be visible some usefull information.

Hi Sevcik
BC68JAR02A02 firmware upgrade can contact local FAE engineer to guide the upgrade.