BC66NA wakeup from deep sleep

I found a strange behaviour with NBIOT module BC66NA. I use deep sleep with PSM_EINT wakeup pin. If I wake up module with this pin from deep sleep mode, then module sends “+CPIN: READY” message. Within this time (about 500ms) is unable to send any data to the module. In datasheet are described that module is ready after 4 ms. It is possible to speed up the wakeup process? Thank you.


The module starts booting within 4 ms. But that boot process takes some time. RTOS has to start, tasks have to be started etc. It takes some time to start listening for incoming data. It is not as most MCU implement deep sleep - just halt core and peripherals. Here the module basically shuts down every time it does into deep sleep.

Hi Zawin
The PSM_EINT module needs to wake up the kernel, which is time-consuming.
4ms is just the hardware wake up.

how long take to kernel wake-up? Where in documents is this kernel wake-up time written?