BC66NA - IIC fails to write / read


We are using BC66-NA, so far we fail to use the i2c. the example proposed in the /exemple/exemple_iic.c fails to read / write .
Ql_IIC_Init(1,PINNAME_RI,PINNAME_DCD,1) —> works
Ql_IIC_Config(0,TRUE, I2C_SlaveAddr, 0) ----> works
Ql_IIC_Write(1,I2C_SlaveAddr,(u8*)I2C_SendBuf,2) ----> program stucks here forever.

we tried this program on 4 boards and all fails similarly.

The same programs works on a BC66-NB.

What could be the problem, any idea / suggestion please.


Check your device address. Have you moved it one bit to the left?

it doesnt really matter what slave adress I put. The application freezes as soon as I call read/write. we checked the signals with osciloscope, and there is absolutely none.
By the way everything works fine with BC66NB.