BC660k reset after every 5th call of Ql_RIL_SendATCmd

Hi, I am using QuecOpen with BC660K-GL module to communicate with AWS cloud.
When i send following AT command:
topic :$aws/things/demoDevice2/shadow/update
strat :AT+QMTPUB=0,4099,1,0,“$aws/things/demoDevice2/shadow/update”,90,“{
“state”: {
“reported”: {
“v”: 5.00000000000000,
“vs”: 6.00000000000000

the module resets after every 5th try.

Any ideas, how to solve this problem?

Grab the debug log for analysis
Quectel_EPAT操作指导与参考(CN&EN)_BC260Y&BC660K&BC28F&BC95GF&BC300Y.pdf (2.1 MB)

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately, I am not able to detect the problem. Would be nice, if you could check the log.
The reset happened somewhere between index 21000 and 22000.
20230210_181312.zip (5.8 MB)

The command you are using is at the form:


Then, the module will print a > expecting the <msg_leng> bytes you told to be.

Your message seems to be smaller than 90 bytes, are you sure about that?

I did a test here against the public Eclipse broker, removing the new-lines of your payload, and it resulted in 71 bytes long, I got no problem.

AT+QMTPUB=2,1,1,0,"$aws/things/demoDevice2/shadow/update",71,"{"state": {"reported": {"v": 5.00000000000000,"vs": 6.00000000000000}}}"

Can you double check this?

Through Log analysis, I did not find module restart

Hi, in this log it restarts at index 17800. But I do not get what’s wrong.
20230211_141554.zip (5.2 MB)

so here it worked:

and here it did not work with the same message:

@herbert.pan-Q do you have any thoughts on this log?

Please use ticket(JIRA) to solve your question