BC660K-QUECTEL Transmitting Power

I read the document. Transmitting power is 23dBm. Do you have the AT command to set MAX valuation 23dBm?
Because I need to max transmitting power.

This is the maximum transmitting power of the terminal, why do you need to configure it?
You can test the transmitting power of the RF pin with a monitor

Because I always want maximum transmitting power (23dBm). Do we set the AT command ? if you have the at command, please you can show it to me.

The default maximum transmission power of the current module is 23dBm, you do not need to configure; You can monitor RF power through the instrument and monitor Tx power close to 23dBm as you send data.

Can you send for me software QFlashV5.4 ? I need update firmware for quectel BC660k.
I have download on forum but it’s error.



I want TX burst transmission test. Currently, Do you have AT command ? I need test Tx to do document COC.

Thanks very much!

Do you test in a real radio network environment or do you test with instruments?

I use a device antenna analyzer. I need TX burst transmission so that the device can detect the signal of TX.

Thanks very much!

Because COC requests signal always burst transmission. It doesn’t send TX separately.