BC660K - QNBIOTEVENT=0,1 not respected

I receive +NBIOTEVENT: “Enter deep sleep”, +NBIOTEVENT: “Exit deep sleep” even though prior send AT+QNBIOTEVENT=0,1 which I think should disable PSM events (response OK)
Why module does not respect command to disable URC?
I noticed this does happens only after +CEREG: 2 and later +CEREG:0. If there is registration OK, then there are no QNBIOTEVENT.
Thank you for suggestions.

Don’t you need PSM?
I suggest you upload the log

Sure we need PSM, we just don’t want unsolicited PSM URC since it can interfere with my commands as URC can happen anytime, even during sending commands and expecting response. This is generally an issue with all URC… I am not sure how to deal with it reliably.

+QCFG: “dsevent”,1

AT+QCFG= “dsevent”,0

You can disable deepSleep URC messages by doing the above.