BC660K +QIURC not received

Dear friends,
is there possible relation between failed QNTP command and failure to receive data later on ?
I am struggling to receive UDP transmission from server to the module. Sometimes modem triggers RI and +QIURC is received. But sometimes not. I observed, that if during power up, after received +IP I can send QNTP command and receive 550 (unknown error) and +QIURC are not propagated when UDP packet sent (from Azure server). But everytime when QNTP is successfull later on all +QIURC are received reliably.
Is there some co-relation between correct time in modem RTC and ability to receive data ?

First you need to make sure that the module is successfully registered with the network
1、AT+CEREG? //return 0,1
2、AT+CGPADDR //get IP address successfully
then you can send data via UDP and should return related URC