BC660K PPP Mode

Hi i’m Renan of CORPUS Saneamento e Obras in Brazil!

I would like your support to understand some issues I am facing with BC660K module.

Initially we are using the same code that was used in BC66, although we have seen some changes compared to the 3GPP version,

We are using the following AT command sequence to open a PPP communication.




After including the above command, I check if it can attach to the network with the command below.


This sequence works very well on BC66 but not on BC660K, I would like to know if there is any documentation that can help me implement PPP mode in this module.

I’m waiting!


hi, Renantesch:
For BC660K,to execute the following command and upload, we will analyze the problem through logs:


Hi Herbert.pan-Q.

You have a documentation “application note” do apply PPP mode?

In Module BC66 the Flavio Cunha of the Quectel Brasil forwarded me one document to test, do you have the same of the BC660K?

The documment name is: Quectel_BC66&BC66-NA_PPP_Application_Note_V1.0

Best Regards!

Quectel_BC660K-GL_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.0.pdf (771.9 KB)

Hi Herbert.pan-Q.

Below the the BC660K log with the requested commands!

/* Start AT SYNC: Send AT every 500ms, if receive OK, SYNC success, if no OK return after sending AT 10 times, SYNC fail */
[2021-10-11 09:46:18:047_S:] AT

[2021-10-11 09:46:18:108_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:18:123_S:] ATI

[2021-10-11 09:46:18:235_R:] Quectel_Ltd
[2021-10-11 09:46:18:235_R:] Quectel_BC660K-GL
[2021-10-11 09:46:18:235_R:] Revision: BC660KGLAAR01A03

[2021-10-11 09:46:18:235_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:18:250_S:] ATI

[2021-10-11 09:46:18:358_R:] Quectel_Ltd
[2021-10-11 09:46:18:358_R:] Quectel_BC660K-GL
[2021-10-11 09:46:18:358_R:] Revision: BC660KGLAAR01A03

[2021-10-11 09:46:18:358_R:] OK

/* Use ATV1 to set the response format */
[2021-10-11 09:46:18:375_S:] ATV1

[2021-10-11 09:46:18:487_R:] ERROR
[2021-10-11 09:46:32:205_S:] AT+CFUN=1

[2021-10-11 09:46:32:266_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:32:734_S:] AT+CSCON=1

[2021-10-11 09:46:32:795_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:33:260_S:] AT+COPS?

[2021-10-11 09:46:33:332_R:] +COPS: 0

[2021-10-11 09:46:33:332_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:33:772_S:] AT+CGATT?

[2021-10-11 09:46:33:834_R:] +CGATT: 0

[2021-10-11 09:46:33:834_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:34:297_S:] AT+CGPADDR?

[2021-10-11 09:46:34:368_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:34:828_S:] AT+CEREG?

[2021-10-11 09:46:34:888_R:] +CEREG: 0,2

[2021-10-11 09:46:34:888_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:35:348_S:] AT+CGDCONT?

[2021-10-11 09:46:35:423_R:] +CGDCONT: 0,“IP”,“VIRTUEYES.COMBR”,0

[2021-10-11 09:46:35:423_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:35:871_S:] AT+CESQ

[2021-10-11 09:46:35:944_R:] +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,255,255

[2021-10-11 09:46:35:944_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:36:382_S:] AT+QCGDEFCONT = “IP”,“virtueyes.com.br”, “virtu”,“virtu”

[2021-10-11 09:46:36:459_R:] OK
[2021-10-11 09:46:36:902_S:] AT+CEREG?

[2021-10-11 09:46:36:961_R:] +CEREG: 0,2

[2021-10-11 09:46:36:961_R:] OK

Is it if my local network is not releasing the connection?

Best Regards

Hi Herbert.pan-Q, how are you?

**I managed to make the connection but i not make the module connect in PPP mode!

Bellow has the log, the last two ERROR is resulto of the “+++” to inicialize the PPP mode!

I’m use PPP mode to connectio in MQTT and i not found the example to use MQTT in this module!

Do you help me?

[2021-10-11 10:53:53:160_R:] RDY

[2021-10-11 10:53:53:330_R:] +CFUN: 1

[2021-10-11 10:53:53:514_R:] +CPIN: READY

[2021-10-11 10:53:53:514_R:] +CEREG: 2

[2021-10-11 10:53:54:935_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:54:935_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:54:935_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:434_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:434_R:] Quectel_BC660K-GL

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:434_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:434_R:] P1Q21EM120002000P

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:434_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:434_R:] 724548000341102

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:434_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:434_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:966_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:966_R:] +CGATT: 0

[2021-10-11 10:53:55:966_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:56:463_R:] +CGATT: 0

[2021-10-11 10:53:56:463_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:56:959_R:] +CGATT: 0

[2021-10-11 10:53:56:959_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:57:473_R:] +CGATT: 0

[2021-10-11 10:53:57:473_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:58:007_R:] +CSCON: 1

[2021-10-11 10:53:58:007_R:] +CGATT: 0

[2021-10-11 10:53:58:007_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:58:505_R:] +CGATT: 0

[2021-10-11 10:53:58:505_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:59:005_R:] +CGATT: 0

[2021-10-11 10:53:59:005_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:59:504_R:] +CGATT: 0

[2021-10-11 10:53:59:504_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:53:59:768_R:] +CEREG: 1

[2021-10-11 10:53:59:768_R:] +IP:

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] +CGATT: 1

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] +COPS: 0,2,“72403”,9

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] +CSQ: 13,0

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] +CCLK: 21/10/11,13:54:02+244

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] OK

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] ERROR

[2021-10-11 10:54:00:004_R:] ERROR

[2021-10-11 10:54:06:889_R:] +CSCON: 0

Best Regards!

The following guidelines are recommended for MQTT applications:
Quectel_BG95&BG77&BG600L_Series_MQTT_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (617.9 KB)

As can be seen from the above output log, the module can attach and register the network when the corresponding APN and PDP are not configured.Therefore, you need to confirm whether the APN is available or must be configured;
Why configure the APN if you can do your tests or services normally without it?

Hi herbert.pan-Q i’m try send this commands, this is the same of the BC66, i imagine that the BC660K is not finish firmware because any command is ignored.

I’m has 30 devices with this modules and any is not running with PPP mode or MQTT.

I’m implemantation a TCP server to the use this modules, but is a paleative soluction

Hi Hebert.pan-Q, how are you?

I have a question, the module BC660K have a firmware update available?

I want use this modules but this not have suporte from MQTT.

I’m Waiting!

Best Regards.

Yes, The current release BC660K does not support MQTT service, if you plan to use MQTT service, I recommend you switch to another module.

I am considering buying this module, but would have the following related questions:

  • According to “Quectel_BC660K-GL_Firmware_Release_Notes_V0104_01.002_01.002.pdf” MQTT support was added first with the mass production version. So I can assume by now MQTT works flawlessly?
  • PPP is not listed in the Specification_V1.5: So is this still not supported, will it ever be supported?

1.MQTT+SSL is currently supported
2.PPP is not currently supported,and No development is currently planned

Thanks for the update on the situation.
PPP mode would be a great addition, as this would allow me to reuse most of my code and the well tested network stack on the host processor. And adding support for it on BC660K side should not require too much effort.