BC660k MQTT quectel

i use module BC660k quectel. I have several problems when I install the MQTT protocol. I sent at the command but the module BC660k don’t respond,I don’t know. Why ?.
Currently, Do the module BC660k quectel has supported the MQTT protocol?
If it has the MQTT protocol, please you can show it to me.

Earlier firmware versions do not support MQTT application protocol, please upgrade to the attached firmware version, and MQTT support has been tested
BC660KGLAAR01A04_01.001.01.001.zip (2.4 MB)
Note that to upgrade the UART port, it is recommended to use the QFlash tool. Click START, short-circuit BOOT, then short-circuit RESET, then release RESET, and finally release BOOT

Hi herbert.pan,

Can you provide email address of technical support ? I need to help.
We used HIVEMQ server which received data from the module BC660k quectel. If you have demonstration or some example about HIVEMQ server, you kindly show it to me

What is the problem you are currently facing? In case of abnormal problems, it is recommended that you upload logs and use MQTT. Fx to verify the correctness of the MQTT application protocol.