BC660K How to used debug port for application log


Can I use BC660K module debug port for application log?

I have tried to use it, but it is not printing any data in printable format, it seems binary data are printing which internal of module.

If baud rate problem the can anybody suggest what would be baud rate? I am using 6000000 baud rate with putty.exe software.


You need to use EPAT to capture the debug port log;
Note, however, that the TTL must support a rate of 6M

You can use at+qcfg="logbaudrate" to set baud rate to lower values if needed.

No, this command controls the rate of main_tx/rx


Sorry, it’s my fault. You can adapt with this command

Can you provide a new download link for the EPAT utility? The download link above does not work.

I have sent it to your email,pls check

Thank you, I was able to download EPAT_V1.3.137.236.zip
now to use the tool & find out why the BC660K is having problem with SSL handshake :grinning:

Quectel_EPAT操作指导与参考(CN&EN)_BC260Y&BC660K&BC28F&BC95GF&BC300Y.pdf (2.1 MB)