Bc660k-gl-te-b ctrl + z

Hey, i’m actually trying to send “CTRL + Z” from my code since i wanna use AT+QSSLCFG=0,0,“cacert” but actually i don’t find anyway to send it.
I’m stuck after receiving this character “>”, all my attempt to send another command or write something on UART_0 failed.

What scripting/programming language are you using?

The answer will be in the details of the syntax of that language.

i’m actually using C with “BC660K-GL_QuecOpen_NB5_SDK_V1.0”, i actually noticed that after sending this line :Ql_RIL_SendATCmd(“AT+QSSLCFG=0,0,"cacert"”, strlen(“AT+QSSLCFG=0,0,"cacert"”), (Callback_ATResponse)(ATResponse_Handler), NULL, 0);

i don’t get any further in my code i’m stuck on that function call.

No one have solution ?


In QCOM after sending certificate data, click on AT command communication window then press CTRL Z.

If you are using any serial terminal, send 0x1A without CRLF at end

Thanks for the reply !
I tryed several times to send 0x1A using sendATcmd/uart_write but none worked.

I found some information saying that SDK doesn’t support SSL commands is there anyway to bypass it ?

I also found that mbedSSL was included in the SDK package but i’m actually in trouble using it since each function make my module crash.


Alright i found out Ql_RIL_WriteDataToCore was the function to solve my probleme, but i’m still confuse since it only works in Ql_RTC_Start callback function, i think that RTC works on a thread i’ll try with threads instead of RTC and i’ll tell if it works or not when i’ve done it.

I’ve tested with thread now and i confirm that it works, actually i still can’t affirm that it only works in thread possibly it could work in a callback function with more delay before inputting ctrl+z.
Now i’m struggling getting the data received from the server cause URC are not generated.
If anyone have idea that would be cool.

Perhaps you have already got everything running…

The AT response handler will give you the data input prompt (>), and you are able to send the cert bytes end escape (end) the data input using ctrl-z (0x1A).

I do receive the different URC’s via the main task event queue, and the “SSL Data URC” is received via the “ret = Ql_SSL_Recv_Register((Callback_Urc_Handle)SslReceiveHandler);”

Thanks for the reply BitProgress, and actually SSL is the last stone i have to put to have everything running as excepted. unfortunatly there’s no function Ql_SSL_Recv_Register in my SDK, wish are you using actually ?


Thanks for reply, ok i’m actually on version 1.0 so that’s the problem i’ll wait for a link to download it then. You saved me a lot of time thanks !
So my next question is for any one from Quectel staff can i get a link to download v1.1 of bc660k SDK?
Regards. :slight_smile: