BC660K-GL -> support MDT

Hello, does BC660K-GL support MDT reporting for NB IoT (Band 28)? i noted that feature is deactive (… .0… = MBMDT (Management Based MDT allowed flag): False) is possible that AT commands exists to active feature or how is it activated?


What is MDT? What is your purpose?

MDT: Minimization Drive Test.

I work at an operator in Argentina, and we are wanting to be able to visualize the levels (RSRP, RSRQ, etc.) of an NB-IoT device, on a map with a tool that plots the grids in 20x20 samples, but to be able to do that, We must know if the BC660K-GL module supports MDT and if it is possible that AT commands exists to activate feature

The BC660K cannot implement autonomous MDT, and there is no corresponding tool for plot point

In short, the BC660K-GL cannot activate the MDT? I leave you in the first image where you can see in the messaging of one of the Quectel modules with the feature set to False.

In the Company we have a tool that allows us to view the samples of mobile users who have the MDT active (as seen in the image) in this way we can see the coverage levels in an area and be able to make outdoor adjustments in the Macros cells to improve signal levels.

Yes, I have worked on MDT and I am familiar with it, but the BC660K tools do not support tracking and polit points functions, and need to rely on other tools to implement it

wow! Too bad, this is really important for us to be able to visualize the signal levels of the NB Iot Quectel devices in order to improve the experience of our customers. The visualization tool used is from Huawei called Discovery.

Please contact the relevant DT instrument company, such as Dingli: network test and measurement

I was hoping that the Quectel modules could be activated by MDT, to continue offering the devices to our customers. Thank you herbert.pan-Q for your attention.