[BC660K-GL] Setting RAI flag with AT+SEND in data mode

Hi, how can I set the RAI flag when sending a packet with AT+SEND and modem in data mode?

From BC660K-GL datasheet I can send:
AT+QISEND=< connectID>,<send_length>,< data>[,<rai_mode>]
with the RAI mode I need.

But if I use:
AT+QISEND=< connectID>,<send_length> (and data after modem enters data mode)
I can’t set the RAI mode.

I need to use data mode in my application.
Is there a workaround for setting the RAI mode?
Can I set the RAI mode before sending the packet?

You can try to execute after sending the data


@herbert.pan-Q Thanks for the reply.

The ping operation forces an upload and download so it is overkill for releasing the RRC connection.
In BC660K-GL I can send these commands that only send a short upload to the same effect:




But what I was really looking for is a way to send the RAI mode with my upload packet and avoid another upload.

Your method is currently not supported