[BC660K_GL][QuecOpen Solution]How come utc timezone is > 0 in NITZ Report in PS Callback?

I am using open SDK (V1.0) for BC660K_GL. there is confusion in time reported by the module.

1st Question:
In the code. The APIs available are Ql_TIME_Get(&ST_Time); What does it return?

For example, If UTC time is 2023/01/13-10:00:00, and my current local timezone is +1hour, would this API return,

2023/01/13-10:00:00-z4 ?
(UTC Time with local timezone, you have to calculate local time yourself)


2023/01/13-11:00:00-z4 ?
(Local time with already calculated timezone value, no need to calculate local time)

2nd Question
After a successful network connection, I received NITZ Report in PS callback.
Please see the following log output,

[2023-01-13_11:52:47:197]PS Event: URC_ID_MM_NITZ_REPORT: 2023.1.13-10.52.45-zutc(4)-zlocal(4)

here, zlocal is pMmNitzInd->localTimeZone, & zutc is pMmNitzInd->utcInfo.tz. from CmiMmNITZInd struct.

How come UTC timezone is > 0?

Please elaborate.
Best Regards.

Module output time format is UTC+TIMEZONE, if you need local time, it is recommended that you automatically add the corresponding time zone on the program

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