BC660K-GL QuecOpen Help


I am developing an IoT device with the BC660K-GL.
My local FAE already sent me the QuecOpen SDK (BC660K-GL_QuecOpen_NB5_SDK_V1.1) but I can’t find an API to store non-volatile values in the Flash memory, for example a serial number or user settings.
I remember that the MC60 had the Ql_SecureData_Store but I can’t find its equivalent in this new module.

Another question I have is what happens with the variables stored in RAM every time the module enters deepSleep, are they lost?

Also can you give me an example of how to use the API time using the local network time, AT+CCLK (NTP)?


  1. If you want to save the configuration file, use the file system. For details, see example_fs.c

  2. When entering deepsleep, ram will be powered off and data will be lost

  3. For time synchronization, see example_time.c