BC660K-GL MQTT public problems

I am using the MSP430 microcontroller to control the BC660K-GL NBIOT module, but I have now found a problem, in the official MQTT file of the BC660K-GL in the Public section, the file shows that using the so-called non-data mode can only send fixed length data, I have now completed the mqtt communication with the Alibaba IoT cloud platform, as shown in the figure, I would like to ask if there is a way to send variable data?

I think you don’t understand what I mean, this is manual data input, also known as publish variable length messages in data mode, I am using C language to control the BC660K-GL through MSP430 microcontroller, is through publish messages in non data mode, unfortunately I only found the format of sending fixed length data in the manual, I want to send data to the IoT cloud platform, the data can’t always be fixed length

You can use the variable length format in my screenshot above, you need to add \1A (CTRL+Z) to the end of the data.

After trying to add this in different places it still doesn’t work, can you please tell me where to put it?
AT+QMTPUB=0,1,1,0,"%s","{params {SignalIntensity_Alarm:%d,SignalStrength:%d,LightVolt_Alarm:%d,DetectDistance:%d}}"\r\n",ISSUE,\data.signal_alarm,data.signal_value,data.svs_reset_alarm,data.data_value);

Or in this simpler statement

firstly you should execute
send the message,such as: