BC660K-GL: Active time value (T3324) and periodic TAU value (T3412) of PSM mode not working as expected setting

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  1. when i setting T3412 and T3324 with small value by command AT+CPSMS then when i check by command AT+CEREG? so T3412 and T3324 value not same as i set.
    e.g: + AT+CPSMS=1,“00000011”,“00000101”; CEREG:,“00011010”,“11100000”
    + AT+CPSMS=1,“00001010”,“00000001”; CEREG:,“00011010”,“11100000” ( the timer T3412 is deactivated and the timer T3324 min=00011010)
    + AT+CPSMS=1,“00100011”,“00000101”; CEREG:,“00011010”,“00010101” ( when i setting T3414 big, the timer is activated)
  2. How can i check PSM mode with small Active time value (T3324) and periodic TAU value (T3412) value?
  3. why T3412 and T3324 value of command AT+CPSMS and AT+CEREG different? What value does the module operate on?

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The T3324 and T3412 timers are ultimately determined by the radio network. If the timer values you set by AT Command are different from those provided by the radio network, the timer values provided by the radio network prevail.If you do not configure the timer, you can still get the T3324 and T3412 timer if you enable PSM.
You can query through AT Command:


Thanks! e.g:

how can i test PSM mode with small T3412 value. I don’t want to have to wait 2 hours (T3412) for the module to wake up automatic.
if T3412 = 1110000 (1 1 1 value indicates that the timer is deactivated), Can the module wake up automatically and EXIT PSM??? Thanks!!

T3324 and T3412 timers can be configured by radio network operators for different APNs (related to SIM cards), if you need to wake up irregularly, you can wake up the module directly by sending data, or you can control the PSM_EMIT pin by MCU.

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