BC660k features

I would like to evaluate the BC660k, but I can’t find more information regarding the following points:

  1. GRFC
  2. built-in eSIM
  3. QuecOpen

I would like to test the above functionalities. Where can I find instructions?

1、GRFC should be supported;
2、built-in eSIM needs to be implemented in other ways; so,recommends using a regular embedded SIM
3、You can apply for the QuecOpen only after we have passed a certain demand assessment

hi herbert.pan-Q,
first of all thanks for the quick feedback.
Are there any technical documents regarding the above?
What means other ways? must this already happen during the production of the modules?

Is the SDK bound to a specific cloud or can it be programmed freely?

and what is the different between the SDK for BC66 (which i can download here ) and the SDK for BC660k ?

I suggest using the following eSIM mode;You can also write cards in the air, but it’s more complicated

BC66 and BC660K are different SDKS. If you need an SDK, you need to apply and send an email to support@quectel.com