BC660K COAP support

I am considering using this module in an upcoming project, but have one question regarding COAP support.
I have seen that LWM2M is supported but have not found anything regarding direct COAP commands.
Does or will this module have support for COAP commands like documented for others in “Quectel_BG95&BG77&BG600L_Series_CoAP_Application_Note_V1.0”?

Currently BC660K does not support individual COAP, so it is recommended to use lwm2m protocol for application

Thanks for insights!
You are writing “currently”, does this mean that it could indeed change in the future or is it very unlikely to change?

We have developed mainstream application protocols, others need to be evaluated according to user product requirements. Meanwhile, the memory of our module is limited, so some application protocols may not be loaded

I do agree that there are other more important features still missing on this module, but it’s still good to know what we can expect in the future.

CoAP is just UDP with a frame on top… you could do it manually…

Yes, you are right, it can be implemented through UDP encapsulation