BC660GL, LwM2M, Change defaults of Built-in Objects

Hi There
I just fired up LwM2M on Leshan and looked at the default objects which, of course, are wrong. We don’t have dual power sources, and its 3.3 V and not 3.8V (and no sign of 5V at all), battery is 100% not 55%. Current … got to be a random number here. Even the time zone (Africa).
My Question… Can the default responses be change?
e.g. I have a single Lithium primary cell, sometimes a 12V lead acid. I would like to remove the 5V USB, and send a real voltage, (no current can’t measure that) etc.

Any Ideas here?

Do you mean the value of leshan corresponding to object3/0/7 ?

technically… not leshan … its the value read by leshan. Leshan is the server I am reading the value from, but the values look to be defaults, not actual useful values.
but yes… object 3/0/7 and others.
e.g 3800 is reported as the battery voltage but I read it as 3280. and the battery voltage never changes and shouldn’t be > 3.3V for a 3.3V supply!.

Yes, this is not the actual value, it is a fixed default value

Fixed as in why bother with the “non-solution”? of fixed as in use
to change the value (somehow).
To be fair… what’s the point of defining the value as hard coded, that’s not the intention of the variable…
Otherwise… can I delete the variable and create my own? or simply overload the variable?

Or have I got this wrong… its not notifying the actual value, but a theoretical value?


Does your product need to report this variable?

Its battery operated… we always report the battery, also signal level, and a water-meter
It would also be nice to be able to change the device name and revision info. Modems are very rarely stand alone, this is part of a water meter so customers will be using these for commercial billing.

We are also looking at the modem in a second product, replaces LoRa where unavailable or requested. 12V Lead acid VRLA + solar panel, lots of different sensor configuration and regulatory. I.E. the customer is using this for billing and environmental controls. They aren’t so much interested in who supplied the modem, but what the unit is and what version the control software is. (known bugs, supplier and the like).

You can also select other objects and resources to report these variables
such as object 10266

or object 3424 I know… but I am also worried that the default information doesn’t say anything useful
It is better to not have any defaults rather than present misleading information.

But it also means I have to reconstruct all the required info. And I have a question as to how many objects can I create before the unit falls over.

So Far I am looking at objects 3411 (Battery), 10241 (Host), 3424 (water meter).
and telling the customer to ignore object 3 as its not meaningful

For example, the current power is related to your terminal, and the module cannot obtain real-time power, only your device need monitor and report

but its a constant… so how do I report!

obtain real-time power

I don’t think you grasp the magnitude of the problem. I too can measure the supply voltage, I have an ADC and read the battery every log time, saving it every 24 logs. Reading the supply isn’t an issue… sending the supply is.
Can I send a value to replace the /3/0/7/1 (Battery Voltage) ? if so, how.

So far I haven’t seen any evidence that the voltages will ever change so I think someone missed the memo. Unchanging constant values don’t make a good sensor.

Do you mean that object3/0/7 needs an exact value?
However, the specific value of your terminal is not available to the module in real time, so it cannot be reported to object3/0/7 when lwm2m registration is performed

you aren’t making any sense…

Simple question…

How do I update the value at 3/0/7/1 ??? Will I see a +QLWURC: “read”, … URC? or “observe”

At the moment I can’t see anything… but that’s because my code doesn’t expect to see anything (so USART is off)

Yes, you can report it by “read”