BC660 : UL out of Sync in from of CMW290

I am using the BC600 module loaded with “BC660KGLAAR01A03.bin” image on the evaluation Board, and I am not able to establish a full connection to CMW290.
At the end of the power-up sequence, there is error detected by the Tester ( CMW290 ) : UL out of Sync , and then the module couldn’t be reachable by the tester ( Connect or Send SMS ).
Here is the message on Tester event log windows:


Let me know how to correctly configure the module or the tester to fully connect the module to the tester and then be able to start the evaluation.

FYI, here is Tester network configuration user for the test - This setting is working with others modules tested


Hi Jean, did you solve the problem?

No, I am not able to find a right setting to correctly manage the connection between BC660 module and the CMW660.
Do you have a typical configuration should should works ?


At present, we use CMW500 instrument for BC660K test. In view of your problem, we need to check the following aspects:
1、If you have CMW500, please change the CMW500 for testing
2、Contact the instrument manufacturer to determine the possible cause for the uplink synchronization failure
3、Log of BC660K was captured and analyzed
Quectel_EPAT操作指导与参考(CN&EN).pdf (2.1 MB)

OK, I will try to get the log.

Here is the EPAT version available :
is it OK ?

Do you have an updated database available for BC660KGLAAR01A03.bin FW?

with this version of EPAT

I am able to capture log from the module, but I am not able to decode message with DB ( DbVersion : 895768617,0 ) file available on FW delivery

FUI, here is the FW version
Revision: BC660KGLAAR01A03

Do you have a new version ?

With the right baudrate (6000000),I am able to decode the log
Attached file is the log in front of CMW290
20220930_171229.zip (640.0 KB)

You can see the "Error reported after the ATTACH

Let me know if there is a way to disable the DNS check after ATTACH

There IS NO METHOD, BUT THIS YOU do not need to care about, is not important, since the CMW500 does not configure the network DNS sent to the module

OK, Do you have a CMW500 setting file ( eDRX or PSM … ) which allow a full connection between the module BC660 and tester ?

I’m sorry, I don’t have this file. Are you having an unusual problem again?