BC660 keeps rebooting wakeUpReason => QL_SOFT_RESET

Hi all,

I am having a problem where the board reboots itself every 4 seconds or so. The bizarre thing about this is that I can comment out unrelated code and it would stop rebooting. It is a behaviour I seen in the past with memory alignment on the ARM 32-bit processor.

If I am not resetting the board to my knowledge, what other area in code should I be looking at to determine what can be causing this issue.

What else raises SOFT_RESET on BC660. I am not messing with pointers or doing any memory allocation. All I am doing is reading AT-Command through port1 interfaced to an ESP32.

I am issuing commands such as AT+CWLAP\r\n which returns a list of WIFI info which can be up to a 1000 bytes coming back through the UART registered callback function.

Like I mentioned earlier I can add/remove random line of code and the board will start resetting or I can remove other unrelated code and the WIFI list will start working receiving 1000 bytes or more through the call back handler.

I have tried increasing the stack size as this is running in it’s own thread.
Any suggestions welcome. Many thanks in advance.

If you are our corporate customer, I suggest you contact sales, who will help you through your local FAE, or by the way of ticket