BC66 With TIM network Faild to register

Hello All,

Im try to use The BC66 Module with TIM network in italy but I got a lot of problems.

How is possible to open debug session with The QuelTeck Serial Monitor?

I connected another serial Cable to the debug Port But I can not see any debuggin message



Hi Mirko
We don’t use QuelTeck Serial Monitor, the link is the Genie tool we use to get the DBG logs.

now A1 Bulgaria NB-IoT ( band 8, 900MHz ) work with 3GPP rev 14
my boards use module BC66NB-04 STD
and connections is OK
first searching ~70 seconds, all next … connect for 4 seconds to cell

IF you can not connect:

  • APN is wrong
  • Bad antena, Bad signal, No NB cell nearby
  • IMEI = 00000000

Follow this ( firmware 7 & 10 ):

AT+CFUN=0 // disable modem

AT+CGSN=0 // check your IMEI, if is 00…00, you will never connect

AT*MCGDEFCONT=“IP”,“your-iot-apn” // store APN to NVDM

AT+QRST=1 // reset the module


AT+CEREG=1 // fast enter this
AT+CEREG? // repeat … to show status
+IP: // connected to cell

Hi Georgi,

I will try :slight_smile:

thanks a lot


Hello Abner, my I have last sdk for bc66 that contain even gcc-none-eabi-hard?

Regards Mirko

Hi Mirko
Included, all in gcc.
Please provide your SDK version.
The eclipse version does not have gcc-none-eabi-hard installed.

Hello Abner,

I’m using this BC66_OpenCPU_NB1_SDK_V1.5_S02.

and trying to compile in Eclipse, so please give me the necessary instructions.

Is it possible to have a link to a repository from where download all the SDK?


Hi Mirko
You need to manually add GCC through Eclipse.
The link is the previous Chinese document, you can refer to it.

Extraction code:n89g

Hi Abner,
I reached the link and the code is correct but I can not download the PDF.

it ask me a QR code


Hi Abner,

share the last Full SDK for Bc66


Hi Mirko

Hi Mirko
Attachment is the latest SDK.