BC66 udp send fail

I am trying to use BC66-DVK to transport messages with the remote server. Problem is that every time I try to send messafe by using “AT+QISEND(X)” response is “SEND FAIL” (See the log below).


[2019-12-14_13:05:47:907]F1: 0000 0000

[2019-12-14_13:05:47:907]V0: 0000 0000 [0001]

[2019-12-14_13:05:47:907]00: 0006 000C

[2019-12-14_13:05:47:907]01: 0000 0000

[2019-12-14_13:05:47:907]U0: 0000 0001 [0000]

[2019-12-14_13:05:47:907]T0: 0000 00B4

[2019-12-14_13:05:47:907]Leaving the BROM



[2019-12-14_13:05:48:187]+CFUN: 1


[2019-12-14_13:05:49:214]+CPIN: READY










[2019-12-14_13:06:07:673]+CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“5gtnouluiot”,"",0,0,0,0,0



[2019-12-14_13:06:11:643]+COPS: 0,2,“24427”,9



[2019-12-14_13:06:14:391]+CEREG: 5,1,“008C”,“00052CD4”,9,0,0,“11100000”,“11100000”



[2019-12-14_13:06:19:387]+CGEV: ME PDN ACT 1





[2019-12-14_13:06:23:335]+QIOPEN: 0,0




[2019-12-14_13:06:27:862]SEND FAIL




[2019-12-14_13:06:30:082]SEND FAIL




[2019-12-14_13:06:32:033]SEND FAIL




[2019-12-14_13:06:37:030]CLOSE OK*

Same remote server works just fine with couple of other devices I have (e.g. BC68 and BG96). Any ideas what might be the reason for this SEND FAIL response?


Hi Niko
The labeling parameters in Figure 1 above are “IP address” or “domain name”,not “REMOTE_IP”.
“REMOTE_IP” is your UDP server that can run?

“REMOTE_PORT” Port number of the remote UDP server. The range is 1-65535.


Obviously I used IP address and port number of my remote server there. I just didn’t want to share those here so I modified “REMOTE_IP” and “REMOTE_PORT” for this log. Problem is not there since other devices using same IP/port number are working just fine. Any ideas how to debug this issue?


try after +QIOPEN get AT+QISTATE

Hi Niko
Is the server open?
ATI query provides firmware version.


QISTATE response:

[2019-12-18_17:46:18:897]+QISTATE: 0,“UDP”,“GIVEN IP ADDRESS”,21185,1,2,1,1


Server should be working just fine. Other devices are using it without any problems.
ATI response:

[2019-12-18_17:49:41:598]Revision: BC66NBR01A07


Any further ideas how to debug this issue?


Hi Niko
Usually, this problem wouldnt occur. Pls provide the Gneie log and i will help analyze it.
You can download the log tool and useguide from the following link.Thanks!