Hi, I have a question about UDP Timeout when using the BC66. Basically when sending a UDP message using AT+QISENDEX the response is received within 3-5 seconds and the module goes to DEEPSLEEP some seconds after.

Once in a while I notice that the response does not arrive and the module seems to keep re-trying to communicate with the server. In fact, it takes the module 60-90 seconds to go back to DEEPSLEEP whilst drawing mA.

I also noticed that if the module tries to communicate without an antenna, it keeps re-trying to send the message for a very long time (longest time recorded was around 15 minutes). In all cases the module will have the antenna connected however hardware failures may occur or alternatively the cell tower might be down.

Given that NB-IoT is used mostly for low-power and battery powered devices (as in our case), is it possible to put a timeout on the network connection? The second instance of the disconnected antenna might happen less frequently but I noticed the first instance happen a few times per day. Is it possible to put a timeout on the connection such that if AT+QISENDEX failed to get a message from the server, the connection is closed after a maximum of 30 seconds?


I recommend that you restart the module and re-establish UDP transport after the allowed time for sending data according to your business requirements

Hi, that would cause the module to go through the registration process again and waste more power.

Will re-sending AT+QSCLK=1 help the module re-enter deep sleep?

No, you only need to enable it onceļ¼›If the fault is caused by the network, you need to check the antenna, etc