BC66, The support for CLAT and 464XLAT

We would like to know if BC66 module supports CLAT function, from what I understand. CLAT function is used for translating IPv4 addresses to IPv6 in the UE itself.

I could not find the corresponding documentation in any of the manuals and guides, would request the support to shed some light on this. If it supports CLAT function or not, and where can we get any relevant information.

The module itself supports IPv4v6

Does this mean that, in ‘IPV6 only’, I can be able to send push data to a IPv4 address?

Only IPV6 cannot be used to convert IPV4

Only IPV6 cannot be used to convert IPV4
Does this mean in IPv6 only mode, we can’t even ping IPv4 address?

I would request if you can may be ask internal developer team, if they support CLAT function for BC66 or even for BG96.

We have already tested BG96 with IPv6 mode only and were able to push data through MQTT over IPv4 host address successfully (surely using NAT64 DNS on the network side), which surely suggests that BG96 supports CLAT, yet we couldn’t find any documentation to confirm.

Now we would like to try the same above with BC66 module, and again we could not find any supporting documentation.

Well, the module does not support the function of IP routing address translation. My preliminary analysis shows that you can use ipv6 only to access the ipv4 server, probably because of the role of the router in the network node

Hello Herbert,

We don’t mean any IP routing address translation when we mean CLAT (Customer side Translator). As per your preliminary analysis, IPv6 only mode can access IPv4 address, which mostly leans to suggest that CLAT function is supported, which is happening partly on UE and partly due to network (NAT64). We are asking just for confirmation if this is being supported may be in either TCP/IP stack or in Release 14 3GPP standards.

After digging in a little, as per the RFC guidelines (RFC6877). If this helps

We want a confirmation from the Manufacturer (Quectel) on this. I am also adding the definition of CLAT as per this link.

Would request if you can guide to the right person who can help us on this feature.