BC66 - sending a quick test to an ftp site possible?

I was wondering if there is anyway to send a quick command to write a file to an ftp site using the BC66 development module. Just a quick way to prove it is communicating through the wireless interface.

BC66 is NB/CAT-M1 module - very slow transfer speed over NarrowBand/CAT-M1 …
and BC66 not have FTP client
you can use HTTP/MQTT/COAP/LWM2M or TCP/UDP/RAW sockets

Thanks, do you have any sample code for this, I am new to this NB-IOT, trying to figure out how it all comes together. I was thinking it could just send a small message to an ftp site, or maybe I could ping it if I can figure out what IP address it has. Nothing real fancy, just to see if it is connected.

for AT command examples look documentation
for OpenCPU in SDK

for Arduino(over OpenCPU)

BTW: BC66 not have userware file system

tcp-ftp in basic:

To quickly test e2 Connectivity you might simply use PING (AT+QPING), or UDP/IP sending an ASCII chain to a remote UDP server (AT+QISEND) after successful UDP socket opening (AT+QIOPEN)
PS: as far as I know BC66 is a pure NB-IoT product (Cat-NB1) and does not support LTE-M (Cat-M1)