BC66 RTC Wakeup Issue


i use the RTC of the BC66 to wake up the module every 30 min. This works good for the first 3-4 days. Then it begins, that the module wakes up a third time every hour.

I startet the module, so that it wakes up every 30min at xx:10 and xx:40. Suddenley it started to wakeup also at xx:41. See my log in attached PDF.
The extra wakeup is drifting as you can see.

I also added the code, how i registered the RTC.
Why does this extra wakeup happen after some time?

I tried it several times with BC66NB and BC66NA. Both has the same issue.

register_rtc.pdf (232.4 KB)

WakeUpTime.pdf (350.6 KB)

Has the problem of abnormal wake up of RTC been solved?Judging from the phenomenon, it may be caused by abnormal RTC;If not solved, you may need to grab the dump log to troubleshoot the problem.

R&D said it is triggered internal caused by SIM Operator.
But it´s not TAU and no RTC.

Problem is, that it is shown as an RTC Alarm when i check for the WakeUpReason. So i don´t know at the moment how to handle it.

We use 1nce SimCard / Deutsche Telekom.

We won’t be the first to wake up the module in a rhythm> 1 hour. There has to be a solution for that ?