BC66 returning 0's on AT+QCCID

I have a setup with BC-66 where on all (tested) brands of sims it works fine, except one where it returns +QCCID: 00000000000000000000

When I call AT+QCCID.

If the sim was broken I would expect an error instead of an OK.

I receive a cpin ready before I call AT+QCCID

Have anyone else seen this happen?

Hi Run
AT + CIMI queries whether the SIM card IMSI number can be read?
If it is a test SIM card, this is possible.
There is no problem with the SIM card in the actual network.

So it might actually be working perfectly even if the ICCID and IMSI id are reported as 000’s ?

Hi Run
It is possible for the SIM card of the test instrument to be written “0000”.
Can be used normally.

Just curious, how would the network know how to recognize the device/sim if the ICCID / IMSI is set to 0’s.

Hi Run
The test SIM card is connected to the instrument, not an Authentication check under the actual network.

The Sims in question are actual MMF2 sims delivered from a TelCo.

Hi Run
Do you have other models?
You can read the SIM card by AT + QCCID on other modules.

We have MFF2 sims from 2 other TelCos that work perfectly when reading out the ICCID.

Hi Run
If the CCID number is “0000” on other modules, you need to confirm with TelCo.

Hi Run
You do not replace other SIM cards, you replace other models of modules.

I have 5 of the same type Sim from this TelCo, I’ll reach out to the to verify if they intend to have ICCID with 0’s, but I think it would be strange if that was the case.

Hi Run
If it is a SIM card problem, the CCID read out when you replace the module of another model is also “0000”.

I get 0’s on all 5 sim cards… I guess there is a production issue, with the sims then.

Hi Run
OK, wait for your good news.