BC66 ready to send packets after wakeup from deep sleep

how to check if device is ready after resume/wakeup from deep sleep to open socket and send packets? Classical CGATT? give 1.
Most of time if I try to send UDP packets after wakeup, are lost. It looks like must be some delay or some checks.

But if I send AT+QENG=0 I’m getting error 841 In cell search state.

hi, Maksym_Nechyporuk:
You can execute the following command;When the module wakes up, the serial port reports URC:EXIT PSM.


You can also use AT+CGATT? to Verify that the module was successfully registered after wakeup/resume.
Some delay is normal, when you send data to wake up the module, then the module will re-establish the RRC connection and establish a wireless link with the network, this process can take some time.

Error code 841 indicates that the module is in the cell search process. At this time, the module has not found the appropriate base-station cell and no success to register the network.

AT+CGATT? give 1 but at the same time AT+QENG=0 can provide error.


Run the above AT command to check whether the IP address from the network can be obtained. If yes, the network is successfully registered.You can try sending data to modules or IOT platforms.

It gives IP w/o any delays but but data sending can be problematic.
After my tests, AT+QENG=0 is better solution to check if network is ready.

For me what always work is to wait for +CEREG: 1 URC.
The URCs are all over the place but my code can process URCs asynchronously.
Don’t forget to send plain “AT” after waking up from deep sleep to make the UART responsive. Otherwise your first AT command would fail.

17:30:21: AT
17:30:21: �wcda4
17:30:21: +CEREG: 1,“74CD”,“03ATF91A7A”,9,0,0,“00001010”,“00111000”:
17:30:21: +CPIN: READY
17:30:21: OK
17:30:21: AT+CSQ
17:30:21: +QCOAPURC: recovered,0
17:30:21: +CSQ: 13,0
17:30:21: OK
17:30:21: AT+QCOAPOPTION=1,11,"/data"
17:30:21: OK
17:30:21: AT+QCOAPSEND=0,2,xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,yyyy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
17:30:21: OK
17:30:21: +QCOAPSEND: 0
17:30:21: +CSCON: 1
17:30:21: +QCOAPURC: “rsp”,2,2.03,44211,12,009F534F28B32DE12F044051