BC66 QuecOpen API: Ql_GetLocalIPAddress

I’m trying to work with TCP. Firstly I compiled the example project “example_tcpclient”. Function Ql_GetLocalIPAddress always return value “-10000” (Not supported?). In manuals i’m not found information about this issue. What may be reason of this behaviour?

local IP exist as URC after PDP connect

Yes, but this URC not processing in RIL. I planned simply add processing thi URC in RIL, this simply solution, but i want to understand why aforementioned function present in API, but not working… May be something incorrect in my setup (ex. FW & SDK pair or something another)…
Add: PDP context is ready, URC +IP:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx already got, but function Ql_GetLocalIPAddress not working (Return -10000).
Add2 (solved): after FW updated (A07 -> A10) function start working correctly. In A07 not supported…

yep, some functions not work for older FW / SDK